I Used to Believe

I used to believe that it was safe to be in the basement during tornadoes because tornadoes didn’t have legs to walk down the stairs.

I found this website the other day called iusedtobelieve.com. It’s a treasure trove of quirky ideas that adults used to believe as kids. There are so many different subjects to look through like “outer space, body parts, and toilets.” Some are funny- some sad. One word that I would use to describe all of them is – honest. As adults, we are constantly trying to cover our faults and pretend we know more than we do. This site reminds me that it’s ok to be honest in our lack of knowledge because sometimes it’s fun to create answers to questions we don’t know.


When I was little my dad told me when ever it thundered it was my Grandma bowling a strike.


I used to think that when people talked about the stock market crashing, they said sock market, and that everyone had to wear old socks with holes in them because they couldn’t buy new ones.


I used to believe that every day tiny little people, with tiny suits and breifcases and costumes, came to my house to work in the TV.

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Ricky Colson is a visual artist known for his paintings of miniature people, animal silhouettes, and Welcome to Autumn series. A native Texan, he's also lived in Pennsylvania and Virginia, where he rediscovered his love for architecture, history, and nature.

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