Visual Artist Designer

Generalist with 10+ years of experience in visual art, digital product design, branding & marketing, business development, e-commerce, data design, and more.

I enjoy learning and seeking out solutions to core problems. Idealist at heart.


My work as Senior Designer for the Texas-based academic publishing company. Developed branding, digital products, and marketing materials.

Digital Product Design

My Humble Existence

Miniature people living in a giant world of their own creation. A painting series reflecting on the conflict between youthful ideals and adulthood.

Drawing & Painting


Colorful, geometric, and minimalistic silhouette designs inspired by my life-long love of animals and the natural world.

Graphic Design

Welcome to Autumn

An open-ended art and research project about a fictional 19th century town of Autumn, Virginia. A study in American history and human progress.

World Building