Brown pen and ink sketch

Nick Resting Against a Radiator Valve
14″ x 11″
brown pen and ink
Well, I am now at home in Bastrop, TX and have a nice little studio to work. The move was very tough, but the drive was fantastic. We stayed in Amish country the first night, and I was lucky enough to see nature put on a wonderful fireworks display made up of fireflies. That will be a nice memory. We even got to stop at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water on the way which was beautiful. I went from 75 degree weather to 103 heat. Nothing like being back in Texas.
Anyway, back to work, and there is plenty of work to be done. I posted a sketch for an upcoming painting. This particular sketch is inspired by some old prints I saw at the Blanton Museum in Austin last weekend.
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Ricky Colson is a visual artist known for his paintings of miniature people, animal silhouettes, and Welcome to Autumn series. A native Texan, he's also lived in Pennsylvania and Virginia, where he rediscovered his love for architecture, history, and nature.

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