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Steam Train Locomotive 3d Model – Clay Render in Blender

I love old steam train locomotives, always have. Since my story will feature a railroad tycoon, I decided to try and model a 3d train engine. It gave me a chance to have a point of reference for future scenes and also to understand the mechanics of the machine. This is the clay model I […]

July 22nd, 2014|Blog, Welcome to Autumn|0 Comments

Henry Clay Frick – Drawing of an American Tycoon


My digital sketch of American tycoon Henry Clay Frick. Character inspiration for the new painting series. Photoshop CS6.



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July 21st, 2014|Blog, Welcome to Autumn|0 Comments

Welcome to Autumn – Antique Book Design

Welcome to Autumn, my newest project, is a fictional story about a small town in Virginia, told through drawings and paintings. This 3d render of a fictional antique book is an illustrated history of the town starting back in the 1870’s.


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Patreon Announcement – Helping Me Make Art

I promise to keep this one short since it’s just an announcement really. I’m officially launching a Patreon page:

What is Patreon?

It’s like Kickstarter, but […]

February 27th, 2014|Blog, Welcome to Autumn|0 Comments

Patron of an Artist

I have to admit to you that this post is a bit difficult for me to write. It involves the subject of patronage and some personal talk. You can take a look at the wikipedia page for patronage to get a better idea of what it is, but it’s basically this:


 In […]

February 25th, 2014|Blog|0 Comments

My Humble Existence – Solo Show

Alright, so a year and a half has gone by since my last post, so why post now? Well, after my Kickstarter project failed, I took some time to regroup and rethink my path forward. I am grateful to the people who pledged and supported the idea, and I’m still sad that I had to […]

February 17th, 2014|Blog, Little People|0 Comments

Books and Art – Kickstarter Campaign

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to see some more tiny people. It’s been a year since I completed my last painting Undaunted Courage, and I’ve spent the time since working on my animal silhouette series. I’m happy with the way things are going, but I miss the figures, […]

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Here is my newest painting, two bears catching their dinner in a waterfall.

Since I moved to Virginia, I’ve been able to go hiking a handful of times. On one of those trips we almost stumbled across a brown bear. Some hikers in front of us had seen the bear walking across […]

April 4th, 2012|Animal Silhouettes, Blog|0 Comments


I received a request from an old friend to paint longhorns so that’s exactly what I did. My Alma mater, the University of Texas, instilled quite a bit of pride for me within these calm animals. I’m not a cowboy, and I never rode horses to school, but I […]

April 3rd, 2012|Animal Silhouettes, Blog|0 Comments


This is the second dog I’ve painted in my animal series. Pugs, like dachshunds, have a pretty hardcore following. This one, in particular, was inspired by a little guy named Hubert. However, as I found out later, his personality is the opposite of what I’ve shown – tidy and organized. I […]

April 1st, 2012|Animal Silhouettes, Blog|0 Comments