Visual Artist Designer

Generalist with 10+ years of experience in visual art, digital product design, branding & marketing, business development, e-commerce, data design, and more.

I enjoy learning and seeking out solutions to core problems. Idealist at heart.

Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials

GRAPHIC DESIGN • BRANDING The updated branding required that all promotional material be updated as well. This included collateral for conferences, magazine flyers, print and digital advertising, business cards, etc.

create a cohesive look with similar elements, imagery, and copy. […]

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Journal Info Cards

Journal Info Cards

UI/UX • DATA VISUALIZATION • INFORMATION ARCHITECTURE Search results were unorganized and looked like a data dump. The new journal cards needed a visual information hierarchy that was clean, logical, and dynamic. reorganize the information architecture to match our […]

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Customer Interface

Customer Interface

UI/UX • BRANDING • DATA VISUALIZATION • COPYWRITING • INFORMATION ARCHITECTURE Though functional, the search system was not user-friendly or attractive. The new interface needed to be flexible and logically organize the dynamic journal information.

build a modern, single page […]

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Cabells Website

Cabells Website UI/UX • BRANDING • COPYWRITING The old site had little direction and left visitors feeling lost. needed to showcase the value of the product suite for potential customers from first visit to requesting a quote.

rewrite value propositions and […]

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