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Cabells Rebranding


Identity crisis

The previous brand identity wasn’t ever thoroughly planned so the colors, fonts, and websites felt unfocused and pieced together. The new brand design needed to reflect the company personality and address every digital element.

Previous redesign was too bubbly and childlike

Too many rebrandings and inconsistent identities over the years […]

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Marketing Materials


Starting from scratch

Updating our branding required that all promotional material be updated as well. This included collateral for conferences, magazine flyers, print and digital advertising, business cards, etc.

The old designs, much like the old branding, felt bland and disjointed. I wanted to add a sense of professionalism, consistency, and uniqueness. Everything […]

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Journalytics Marketing Website


We welcomed new visitors with nothing but a login screen

The old Cabells site served primarily as the login portal for existing customers. There wasn’t much info for potential customers who wanted to learn about the products. This left a barrier between us and our audience, […]

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Search Result Cards


Cluttered search data

When users performed a search, the results were unorganized and looked more like a data dump than a refined snapshot. The new journal cards needed a visual redesign with information hierarchy that was clean, logical, and dynamic.

Dated interface designs

Content looked like it was floating and unorganized

Styling […]

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