Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials


The updated branding required that all promotional material be updated as well. This included collateral for conferences, magazine flyers, print and digital advertising, business cards, etc.

  • create a cohesive look with similar elements, imagery, and copy.

  • develop materials for different audiences, including international variants.

  • turn a bland and outdated look into a professional and clear vision that would promote trust and understanding.

Creating consistency

Once the new branding identity was done, all the marketing materials would immediately be outdated and require new ones. This included promotional materials for conferences and other collateral like business cards. The old designs, much like the overall branding, felt bland and forgettable. I wanted to add a sense of professionalism, consistency, and uniqueness.

Old conference banner and new banners

Digital to print design

One of the difficulties was transforming the digital branding into print design. Color accuracy is notoriously difficult to match with digital screens, so extra care had to be taken to ensure legibility and accuracy.

Online banner ads

For each new piece of collateral, I worked with our marketing team to come up with focused and welcoming text. I tried to simplify the jargon and focus on benefits whenever I could. Each piece of copy could get progressively more complex if need be, but it always had to start with an introductory tagline or headline. In the past, we had started with technical wording, and customers wouldn’t even read it. I wrote and edited the copy to make sure it was attracting customers to our product, not presenting everything we offered at once.

Full page ad variations

Conference collateral

Conferences required multiple pieces for printing. This included banners, table cloths, business cards, swag, and flyers. Each had to fit into a cohesive design and be flexible for different audiences and languages. Because we used various print companies, each design had to be triple checked to make sure formatting was correct for color, sizing, bleeds, and cropping.

Planning the collateral package

Business cards

Flyers and collateral handouts


Illustration style

Most of the branding elements had been established during the redesign, but I put off an illustration style because of the unique complexity of it. It wasn’t required, and I focused on other projects instead. Our Editage partner (manuscript editing services) started working with us on their updated marketing site so we had a chance to replace their illustration, which was being used on our site, for our own. This would establish a product illustration template for our website and work well next to our flat geometric style that was used elsewhere. I wanted it to be reminiscent of a classic mid-century modern cartoon style to fit our brand. I chose backpack and hiking imagery to fit in with our mountain theme and because the author services felt like a tool set that could be used along the publishing journey.

Illustration mockups

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