Employee Interface


The data entry and sales desktop application could no longer be updated so its features were slow, limited, and outdated. The new web interface had to be modern, flexible, and allow for all of our business functions.

  • design a web app for data entry, sales, analytics, and journal management.
  • improve usability for all previous input processes and design new features.
  • include permission levels for each type of employee for usability and security.
  • build a solid foundation for adding new components and functionality for the future.

Employee data entry system

Cabells’ product relies on accurate and efficient data entry. The old system was very outdated, functioned poorly, and couldn’t be updated anymore. With the goal of transforming the previous customer interface/website and employee data entry program into one unified system (that would also include sales, employee onboarding and management, and project management), I set out to design an employee interface that could be used as a template for that system.

Login screen wireframe and mockup

The main goal was to allow employees to quickly build the new Journal Blacklist by documenting predatory journals and adding evidence of violations. Employees would need to efficiently enter data for thousands of journals. Usability was the highest priority to avoid mistakes and liability concerns. The time restraint required me to build a dashboard, database entry system, and journal editing process for the unreleased product.

Unfortunately, this never came to fruition due to other projects taking priority and a decision to use third-party apps for many of the tasks. This, however, led the way for the future customer interface design.

UI wireframe and mockup elements

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