Project Case Studies

As Design Director for this small company, I’ve worn many hats and treated my roles much like I did when I ran my own solo company. I believe in holistic systems—not separate silos or professional titles. I started as a data specialist, moved into design and development, and ended up working on projects at every level including business operations and product strategy because I saw areas that needed improvement.

Here are a number of large-scale projects I’ve worked on at Cabells.

My Roles & Responsibilities

Design & Development

Full-cycle product design, UI/UX, front end development, modern libraries and frameworks, graphic design

Brand Identity

Company & product branding, design systems, company voice guidelines

Project Management

Team lead, documentation, planning & organization

Customer Success

Knowledge base, onboarding, customer service & ticketing systems, usability & accessibility, customer management

Systems Architecture

Journal data management & operations, tech stack management, information architecture, authentication & account management

Content Marketing

Editor-in-Chief, copywriting, planning & strategy, lead acquisition, digital & print materials, conferences, SEO, target research

Business Operations

Internal communication, onboarding, team support, planning & strategy, hiring operations, systems setup, employee interfaces, policies

Data & Metrics

Journal card data and visualization, data design, partnerships & APIs

Other Projects

  • Trust. Confidence. Reliability.
  • Professionally Designed For You
  • Design & build branded websites