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Undaunted Courage

36″ x 48″
oil on linen

Well, I currently live in Charlottesville, Virginia. Cindy got accepted to the University of Virginia law school, and now I am enjoying the beautiful vistas of the Appalachians. I just finished setting up my new studio, very similar to my old one (in […]

August 22nd, 2011|Blog, Little People|0 Comments

Leftover paint?

What do I do with leftover paint at the end of the day? Occasionally when my wife is free I like to let her play with the paint. She mixes and mushes like a little kid, and it always brightens my day.
June 25th, 2011|Blog|0 Comments

Promiscuous Bunch

22″ x 28″
oil on linen

With all of the new activity going in my life, I haven’t had the opportunity to work or post.  However, I figured now would be a good time to show my new painting, although this painting was completed last September.  It is up at the Wally […]

April 10th, 2011|Blog, Little People|0 Comments

I’m not lazy!

I’m so sorry guys for waiting so long to post again.  I started up a new job last September working for AmeriCorps.  I mentor/tutor at-risk elementary kids.  It’s been a wonderful experience, one that has reinvigorated me.  I have not been able to draw or paint, but I have been exploring new artistic avenues.  I’m […]

March 5th, 2011|Blog|0 Comments

Daily preparatory routine

Every artist has their own routine before starting to paint.  For some reason, I noticed today how robotic I am with how I set everything up.  I wanted to share the exact process I go through before I start painting for the day.  Keep in mind that, although this is very consistent from day to […]

August 27th, 2010|Blog|0 Comments

Drawing – Dash of Cinnamon

18″ x 24″
graphite and chalk on toned paper
August 17th, 2010|Blog, Little People|0 Comments

Playing with Scale

Because I exaggerate scale so much in my work, I spend a lot of time adjusting objects in order to make them look “real”.  There are a few problems with working on such a small area in real life in order to transform it into a large environment.  One is that I can’t always sit […]

August 13th, 2010|Blog, Little People|0 Comments

Dash of Cinnamon

30″ x 40″
oil on linen
I had been looking to do a follow up painting to the drawing of Sean in the sugar jar for a long time.  I came up with Dash of Cinnamon.  In this scene, Sean has escaped from the jar and […]

August 9th, 2010|Blog, Little People|0 Comments

30th Anniversary Show

This weekend the Wally Workman Gallery is celebrating their 30th anniversary with a show featuring new works from 40 of their artists.  I will have a new painting up called Dash of Cinnamon along with a few of my other works already at the gallery.  This will be my […]

August 2nd, 2010|Blog|0 Comments

Mixing Corresponding Whites

Georges Seurat: The primaries in order and their individual whites.
I’ve gone through a few palettes. I’m currently using a handheld wooden palette from a plein air set similar to this one. I have to clean it everyday or risk ruining it with dried up paint. I previously used a large piece of glass […]

June 29th, 2010|Blog|0 Comments