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It’s the middle of the fall season so I think it’s the best time to announce the launch of the new Autumn website. will be the source for everything related to Autumn, Virginia – the project, the history, the city and its culture. There’s even a resident list page for my $5+ […]

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Train Station Arrival – Digital Painting

This was my first full attempt at a digital painting after years of painting with oil paints. It was also my first real attempt at moving away from my older subject matter of miniature people into the historical vein I’m interested in now. Photoshop CS3, Intuos 4, 2012


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Train Station – Early Digital Painting Sketch

This was an early test of combining a 3d model with a photograph for reference. Instead of working from photographs only, I wanted to test my digital painting skills and my 3d modeling. Original figure reference is from an old Time Magazine photo of a soldier during WWII. Photoshop CS3, Intuos 4 + Google Sketchup


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Steam Train Locomotive 3d Model – Clay Render in Blender

I love old steam train locomotives, always have. Since my story will feature a railroad tycoon, I decided to try and model a 3d train engine. It gave me a chance to have a point of reference for future scenes and also to understand the mechanics of the machine. This is the clay model I […]

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Welcome to Autumn – Antique Book Design

Welcome to Autumn, my newest project, is a fictional story about a small town in Virginia, told through drawings and paintings. This 3d render of a fictional antique book is an illustrated history of the town starting back in the 1870’s.


Check out the post on to help support the project.

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Patreon Announcement – Helping Me Make Art

I promise to keep this one short since it’s just an announcement really. I’m officially launching a Patreon page:

What is Patreon?

It’s like Kickstarter, but instead of raising a bunch of money for one giant project, Patreon allows […]

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