Mixing Corresponding Whites

Georges Seurat: The primaries in order and their individual whites.
I’ve gone through a few palettes. I’m currently using a handheld wooden palette from a plein air set similar to this one. I have to clean it everyday or risk ruining it with dried up paint. I previously used a large piece of glass that I could scrape easily days after painting. I have pros and cons for each of them. I’m always looking for ways to make painting more efficient.
This photo intrigued me because of the additional row of paint. They are all whites plus the color below. I’ve always been frustrated by mixing whites because of the overpowering tinting strengths the colors have compared to white. Maybe the answer is to tube my own whites that correspond to all of my colors? I don’t use a million colors, so one day of tubing might be worth it if it saves me time and energy that I would otherwise use for mixing later.
Thoughts? Check out a good article about famous painters and their palettes here.
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