I’ve noticed, since showing my work, that people are comparing it with various memories of their own. It made me think back to how I started this series and where I drew the inspiration from. The main idea came from the 1957 movie The Incredible Shrinking Man, but I wanted to list some other works that I, either consciously or unconsciously, had in my mind.
  • Gulliver’s Travels (specifically the Lilliputians)
  • Honey I Shrunk the Kids
  • Mickey and the Beanstalk (one of my childhood favorites, adaptation of the classic story)
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Smurfs (my old bedroom wallpaper)
  • Fraggle Rock
  • Muppet Babies
  • Magic School Bus

Nostalgia plays such a big role in my work, and I hope I am able to remind others of their favorite childhood memories. Thanks to the person who brought to my attention the old show Land of the Giants.

If you can think of any other comparisons to my work, I would love to hear them!

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Ricky Colson is a visual artist known for his paintings of miniature people, animal silhouettes, and Welcome to Autumn series. A native Texan, he's also lived in Pennsylvania and Virginia, where he rediscovered his love for architecture, history, and nature.

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