Don’t Lick the Painting Ricky

I’ve started a new painting after a few months hiatus. It’s been tough to start new pieces lately because I seem to keep moving. It takes time to get settled in to a new studio and feel comfortable. This painting, I hope, will finally take me back to a place I reached back at the end of college. It took me a few years for me to be fully satisfied with my paintings and see them as better than my drawings. I need this painting to do that for me; no pressure right?

I am about half way done with it so far, but I am already happy with the direction it’s headed. I know I will be able to critique it to death, but I think it may finally be a superior product to my drawings. Here are a few reasons:
  • After a few paintings and experimentation, I’ve had enough time to feel comfortable with paint application
  • Better quality painting surface; with linen, my paint strokes don’t get sucked into the canvas like on cotton
  • Painting is the original idea, not an adaptation of a completed drawing
  • Thicker and more confident brush strokes
  • Completely developed concept; plenty of revisions and time to fix problems
Finally, I’ve posted a small detail of the painting. The focus of the painting is confidence of brush strokes. I need to show as much detail as I can without “licking” the painting like I have done previously. The detail is about 3 square inches of the 30″ x 30″ painting.
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Ricky Colson is a visual artist known for his paintings of miniature people, animal silhouettes, and Welcome to Autumn series. A native Texan, he's also lived in Pennsylvania and Virginia, where he rediscovered his love for architecture, history, and nature.

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