Imagine playing out a fantasy in which you are a miniature, toy sized figure standing only a few inches tall. Furniture and household items are transformed into massive geological landmarks. Your entire room is a vast landscape waiting to be explored like the open frontier, ripe for adventure.

In My Humble Existence, I return to this childhood vision and its extreme distortion of scale, but, as an adult. However, with a less idealized view of the real world, the scenes reflect our common everyday struggles as grown-ups.

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My ambitious project about a fictional town called Autumn, Virginia – a community nestled against the spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains in the Shenandoah Valley. The story follows the 150+ year history of the city’s rise, fall, and eventual renaissance. It’s foundation is built on one man’s spite and perceived superiority, but it’s also one that allows it to develop into a world class city that embraces its beauty, culture, and ideas.

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I started my own online business to provide affordable art, market my work to a wider public, and expand my style using a technique that I love – silhouettes.

The series actually started because of the need to put something decorative over our bed. Following a suggestion by my wife to try something with a silhouette, we tried a simple drawing with owls on a branch. After that, the idea really took off. I got a chance to play with bright colors, simple shapes, and fun ideas. This series has provided an opportunity for a more modern way of designing that I hope will lead to other creative projects in the future.

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